Author Interview: Vincent Morrone

Today I am happy to introduce young adult author Vincent Morrone.

Author PicVision of Shadows was his debut novel that just came out as an Audio book.


Bristol Blackburn is a 17 year old psychic, who’s more comfortable around the ghosts that float in and out of her life, than anybody with an actual pulse. For her entire life, she’s had visions and dreams about a young man she has never met. She doesn’t know his name, has never heard the sound of his voice, and yet feels as if she’s grown up with him. She knows he’s had a difficult life, with tragedy and pain. A lot of pain. In fact, most of her dreams involve him getting hurt. Sometimes from playing the hero, sometimes from daredevil stunts and often times because someone in his life enjoys hurting him. There’s no way it could all be true, because no person could ever survive everything she’s seen him go through.

In her dreams, Bristol has seen them together. Something that’s due to happen soon. She’s witnessed intimate moments, celebrations of milestones. Her visions have shown her building a long and happy life with this dream boy, having a family and growing old together.

But Bristol’s also had another vision, one that has kept repeating itself over and over again since she was six years old.

In this vision, this mystery boy doesn’t love her, but hates her. Bristol’s seen the loathing in her eyes, as he corners her, and slowly strangles her to death.

So any day now, Bristol will meet the boy of her dreams. Literally.

Will he be the love of her life, or the end of it? Read more

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