Author Interview: Martha J Allard

Today I am happy to introduce author Martha J Allard to my blog.

Black Light Front Cover small copyHello Martha. Tell us about your book? What is it about?

I’m happy to. Black Light is my first published novel. Here’s the blurb:

L.A. 1983

Trace Dellon knows exactly what he wants: the white heat of the spotlight. When his band Black Light is offered a record deal, Trace grabs for it. He will do anything to make it.

Bass player Asia Heyes knows what he wants, too. It’s not fame or the adoration of groupies. It’s Trace. It’s always been Trace. Though it’s been unspoken between them, Trace’s other lovers—his audience—push Asia aside.

With the record contract, Albrecht Christian comes into their lives. He has everything but what he needs to live: the energy that runs just under Trace’s skin.

When everything crashes with a bullet, they all learn the truth. Rock and roll, like magic, requires both love and sacrifice.

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Character Interview: Sarah Talmaiz from Sarah’s Spaceship Adventure

Today I am interviewing character Sarah Talmaiz from Stan Morris’ novel Sarah’s Spaceship Adventure.

SSA star circular blur with planet and textHello, can you tell us your name and a bit about yourself.

My name is Sarah Talmaiz. I am nineteen years old. I live in the Hoop, a humongous asteroid belt orbiting around the Saif star. I was born on Marl, the inhabited planet in our solar system. I’m a shipmate on a spaceship freighter that travels between Marl and Half Shell, our home, delivering rare ores to Marl, acquiring consumer goods, and selling them at various rocks (asteroids). My job is mostly about cargo. I use a giant two-story lift to pack huge bins on huge racks, and as we approach rocks I pull and sort goods that will be sold at the rock.

Where are you from and what is it like there?

Marl has two main continents and a number of small islands. The continents are fairly close together, separated by a narrow channel. There are twenty-five hours in a day and four-hundred days in a year. The Hoop has more rocks that anyone has counted. The belt lies between the gas giant, Junior, and Marl. Read more

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Character Interview with Bloxnor from The Inter-Terrestrial

Today I am interviewing Bloxnor from Chad Descoteaux’s sci-fi novel The Inter-Terrestrial. Not that long ago I interviewed Chad (you can find his interview here)

interterrestrialHello, it’s great to have you here. Can you tell us your name and a bit about yourself. My name is Bloxnor. I am a scientist from the planet Neptune and a senior member of the United Scientists Guild (U.S.G.). We are an interplanetary group of scientists and diplomats that strive to protect those were affected by political conflicts on their home worlds. I am married to my brilliant wife Zi and we have our first child on the way.

Where are you from and what is it like there? I grew up in Kratek, the largest city on Neptune. We moved around a lot because my dad was in the military, so I got to see a lot of the natural beauty of our planet at a young age. What I love about our planet is the way that even the biggest cities are constructed in harmony with the surrounding nature, the gigantic tree-like extensions that both hold our planet together and provide food for our people.

What was it like growing up? What’s the happiest memory from your childhood? My happiest moments from my childhood are from before my father died. Whenever he would have time off from his military duties, we would always do something fun where I learned something about whatever new place we were living at the time. After he died, my mother took me aboard this refugee commune called Phase Six and I spent two years there. Even though I hated it at the time, I met many people who would serve as dear friends and mentors to me later on. So, I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. Read more

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Author Interview: Chad Descoteaux

Today I am happy to introduce sci-fi author, Chad Descoteaux.

10997891_10204621527712983_9113729248819249907_nTell us about your book(s). Is there one in particular you are promoting right now? What is it about?

I have written four science fiction novels that combine grounded characters with fantastic worlds and light satire.  My latest is called ‘The Inter-Terrestrial’, which is about an alien scientist struggling to return to Earth to meet his long-lost, half-human son.  Strong, but not preachy, anti-racism message in a multi-generational space opera.

What genre(s) do you write in? Who is your audience?

I write science fiction novels.  My audience is young adults, nerds who wait outside the theatre for the latest science fiction or superhero film, but who also like to read.

How do you come up with the ideas for your stories?

Well, a lot of what I write comes from me taking something that I either find absurd (like celebrity gossip) or downright hate (like racism) and coming up with a science fiction story that expresses how I feel about it.  So, I come up with something I want to comment on and then come up with a story. Read more

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