Book Review: The Waiting Hours

The Waiting Hours by Shandi Mitchell

When you spend your life saving others…who will be there to save you?

When tragedy erupts on a stifling summer night, three ordinary people, with the extraordinary jobs of rescuing strangers, are connected to one another in ways both explicit and invisible. Each is deeply devoted to what they do, but they are all beginning to crack under the immense pressures of their work.

Tough-as-nails Kate, when she’s not working with her beloved search-and-rescue dog, Zeus, is a trauma nurse who spends her off-duty hours trying to forget what she has seen. Estranged from her troubled family, she must confront the fact that resolution may elude her forever. Respected police officer Mike is on the edge of burnout and sets himself on a downward spiral that may be impossible to break, fraying the bonds of love that hold his family together. Tamara, an agoraphobic 911 dispatcher, who is trying her hardest to remain as calm and emotionless as an automated message, is propelled into the middle of a story that she can’t avoid and must enter the world to find out how it ends.

With a city prickling under a heat wave and a hurricane threatening to make landfall, these responders will be forced to make fateful choices that will alter lives. A storm is coming and nobody is prepared.

I loved the premise of this book — a novel about first responders and how they are effected by their jobs, how they deal with the trauma they see, who takes care of them…
The descriptions and the research that went into this book are great. The author did a terrific job and everything felt authentic, from police procedures to 911 calls.
However, this book just didn’t come together for me. The characters were good and fleshed out but I feel that there was something missing. It seemed like there were a bunch of scenarios from these 3 people’s lives that were strung together. It could have been made more cohesive, but it wasn’t. It’s hard to put my finger on exactly, but I did find the book dragged on.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a review copy of this book.
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