Author Interview: Sandra Scholes

Today I am excited to introduce author Sandra Scholes to my blog.

sandraWhat genre(s) do you write in? Tell us about your books.

I have in the past written short stories for horror and fantasy newsletters, but have since got into the romance genre as I have enjoyed it the most (LGBT being one I really like). My vampire stories have been in The Chronicles, a newsletter for the London Vampyre Group, fantasy and fairy tail stories for Quail Bell Magazine and my reviews are for all genres including slipstream.

Tell us about your writing process. How do you fuel your writing?  

I tend to get an idea in my head of what I want to write about, flesh it out and build on it using a kind of chart of personality traits and put some humour in there as readers like to know their characters have a sense of humour. When my review material doesn’t get too much, I do like to write about relationships and how they work out, or don’t in many ways. I tend to base most of what I write on real life relationships as the realism helps readers get to know the characters as they could be any one of us.     Read more

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