Book Review: The NecroNomNomNomicon: Cookbook of the Dead

The NecroNomNomNomicon: Cookbook of the Dead

The Harrison family is dragged into the bizarre world of the supernatural as they become the pawns of the Cookbook of the Dead, in its bid to bring on its supernaturally flavored apocalypse. Boy, the family dog struggles to keep his family out of the Frying pan AND the fire as he defeats the Cookbook’s minions along the way.
Piers Anthony has this to say about The NecroNmNomNomicon: The Cookbook of the Dead:”…a rather original story centered on fantastic cooking – literally fantastic, literally cooking – merged with a boy and dog story. It’s pretty wild from the start, with the boy’s mother a superlatively bad cook getting into a televised cooking contest, and demonic figures being fended off by the dog. There is romance along the way, and plotting by evil figures, and of course that carnivorous sheep.. I think young readers will like it.” -Piers Anthony

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Author Interview: Nicki J Markus

Welcome author Nicki J Markus to my blog.

Author Pic 2015What genre(s) do you write in? Tell us about your books.
I have two pen names: one for my mainstream works and one for my MM (gay romance) stories. In mainstream, my works so far have all been within paranormal and fantasy; however, my MM stories vary from contemporary to historical to paranormal to sci-fi. I don’t want to confine myself to a single genre, even though that might be better in terms of personal brand and promoting my stories, because I prefer to follow my inspiration and write whatever stories and characters come to me.

What book are you promoting right now? What is it about?
March is a busy month for me with three MM releases. Two are anthology shorts, but the third is a collection of six of my short stories, all based on fairytales or myths. The stories interconnect as the protagonists in each all work at the same financial investment firm, and several of the tales revolve around the work masquerade ball. Read more

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Author Interview: Loren Molloy

Today I have horror author and anglophile Loren Molloy on my blog.

LorenWho are the authors who most influenced your writing?

I would have to say there are four that come to mind immediately: Edgar Allan Poe, Clive Barker, Richard Matheson, & Laurell K. Hamilton. Each Author in their own way created a whole new world of their own filled with their own special brand of horror and imagination which is what I hope to achieve in my own way with my new novel The Very Devil, Herself!

What genre are you most comfortable writing?

I would have to say I most enjoy writing horror novels woven with historical facts and laced with a touch of the paranormal. Read more

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Book Review: Late Bite by John Matsui

late biteLate Bite (Toronto Chronicles #1) by John Matsui

What would happen if a real vampire were captured in Toronto. In Canada he wouldn’t be decapitated or have a stake driven through his heart. He would receive benefit of the law. And that’s what happens to Dragul Mangorian who appears to be the sole-surviving member of a sub-species of homo sapiens that through evolution is forced to feed on human blood. His trial creates a world-wide sensation and after an unusual defence, is acquitted. As a vampire, Mangorian is the ultimate ‘bad boy.’ He becomes television’s #1 Late Night talk show host and with his lawyer/partner Al Hamblyn enjoy fortune and world-wide fame . . . until the murders start up. The story is filled a psychological thriller with dramatic twists, humour, and heart-pounding action scenes. If you aren’t a vampire or horror fan, think again. Late Bite turns the vampire myth on its head and opens the genre to a whole new audience. Read more

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