Reading From Prophecy

I broke out of my comfort zone in a big way and videoed myself reading from my book, Prophecy, and posted it on YouTube. I read this excerpt at my book launch and it went over really well.

This is one of my favourite scenes, one that sent chills down my spine as everything came together with the myth and my interpretation into something I hope is entertaining.

So, here goes, the video:


I hope you enjoyed it.

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Prophecy Now Available Everywhere


Yesterday was Prophecy‘s last day enrolled in KDP Select. I had it in Select, which is a 90 day exclusivity with Amazon for the digital copy of the book, to see how it would go and because this is my first book and I thought it would help get it out there. I find it difficult to tell if it was worth it or not. I used my 5 promotional days as free days and did give away hundreds of copies of my book, but I think it will take time to see if that amounted to anything (I will write another blog post about how that went).

But now I’ve decided not to renew KDP Select and to go wide, so I am getting it back up on Smashwords today, which means that Prophecy will be available all over, on iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, etc over the next few days.

Here are my links to Smashwords and Amazon.



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Last Day to Get Prophecy Free

Prophecy is on its last free day with Amazon. This has been very exciting for me — seeing hundreds of people download it and watching it creep up in the ranks. Today I even woke up to find Prophecy #1 on several bestseller lists! It’s on top in Historical Fiction Fantasy and Greek and Roman Myth and Legend (in the US and Canada).

Screenshot (18)

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and/or shared Prophecy. If you haven’t got your copy yet, there is still time. You can click here to get to Amazon.

And here’s the book trailer to give you a taste of the book:

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Prophecy is FREE on Amazon, March 2-4

Prophecy is free on Amazon for 3 days,

from March 2-4.


You can download a Kindle version of Prophecy on Amazon by clicking here. Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download their free app and read Kindle books on your tablet, computer, phone, etc.

And feel free to share this with a friend who you think might enjoy this book! Read more

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