Author Interview: Steve Kemp

Today I am happy to welcome author Steve Kemp to my blog, where he is commenting on many different topics related to his writing.

steve kempAdvice for writers

I’m fascinated by the spectrum of published writers. James Mitchner said if 1 person reads your book then you are a published writer. Stephen King wrote a book about writing which I struggled to grasp a majority of the concepts in. I fall somewhere in the middle myself.

If my entire writing career means just the people I know have read my book it will have been a successful process. Write the story you want and let the chips fall where they may. I received some advice once about pov and decided to follow them strictly. The next book I read was a best seller and broke all of those rules.

I’m not an English major and to tell the truth my eyes gloss over when one starts talking. They strive to write to the levels of Chaucer, Dickens, Shakespeare and Hemingway. I could go to school for a decade and never reach their level, nor do I want to. Regular people read books too and someone has to tell those stories. Read more

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