Character Interview: Grape from Welcome to Sortilege Falls

Today I have the opportunity to interview Grape Merriweather from Libby Heily’s novel, Welcome to Sortilege Falls, which is due out this June.

SortilegeFalls-frnt copyHello, can you tell us your name and a bit about yourself.

Hi! My name’s Grape Merriweather. I’m a junior in high school. We used to live in Watts Landing in Virginia but we moved to Sortilege Falls, Missouri a few days ago. So far, so bad. About me…hmm…well, I want to be an actress for sure. I love acting. It isn’t just about being on stage and all the attention. I love becoming a character. It’s an amazing feeling. I love Lance Irving, he’s my favorite actor. I’ve seen every episode of his show, Stone Huntington, Teen PI. I guess private investigator would be my next choice of possible careers. OMG, and I talking too much? I know it, I’m sorry. Ugh. Embarrassing.

Where are you from and what is it like there?

I’m from Watts Landing, VA. It’s nothing special, I guess. It’s a town well south of DC. There’s an airforce base nearby and a cool mall and a lot of parks that my brother likes a lot. All my friends are there and my memories. It’s weird, leaving the place you grew up. I mean, yeah, I’d rather forget the time I tried to do a trick on the swing set at Oskabee Park and I fell and skinned my knees, but I’m going to miss walking past that park and laughing a little at the memory, you know? Watts Landing was home.

Now, I live in Sortilege Falls and nothing here feels quite right. There’s a guy who works with my mom who totally wants to be a vampire and the kid down the street has about a billion lawn ornaments and he tried to serenade me outside my house one night. Oh yeah, my math teacher looks like a witch and did I mention that there are a ton of professional models in this town? I swear, the models have mind control over all the students at my high school. It’s insanely creepy. So yeah, I miss Watts Landing. Read more

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Author Interview: Loren Rhoads

Today I am happy to introduce urban fantasy author Loren Rhoads to my blog.

Loren Rhoads photo copyHello Loren, tell us about your book.

Lost Angels is about a succubus named Lorelei who decides to bring down an angel. Azaziel turns around and possesses her with a mortal girl’s soul. Lorelei and the ghost become friends as they contend with demons, harpies, fiends, and Lorelei’s grudge-holding sister as they try to find an exorcist who can separate the two of them again. The book sashays across the line between dark urban fantasy and erotic horror with some romance thrown in.

Tell us about your writing process. How do you fuel your writing?

This book was different than the others I’ve written because it was a collaboration. I’d worked with other people before on short stories, but a book is a completely different animal. The funny part is that Lost Angels was meant to only be a short story. I wrote The Angel’s Lair a scene at a time, sending one each day to Brian. It was scary to show someone my rough drafts like that, but because I knew he was waiting for it, it was the fastest I’d ever written a story. Little did I know that Brian was biding his time, ready to jump in and extend the story! As soon as I wrote “The End,” Brian picked up the thread. He wrote the scenes where Ashleigh, the mortal girl, dies and then continued on into the possession ritual. I was blown away. I’d never conceived of a mortal possessing a devil before. Read more

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