Character Interview from Cecily Wolfe’s A Harvest of Stars

Recently I interviewed Cecily Wolfe about her new book, A Harvest of Stars (you can read that interview here). Today I am happy to interview one of the characters from that book.

starsHello, can you tell us your name and a bit about yourself.

My name is Claudia Rose Butler, but my good friends call me Claud. Most adults don’t approve of that nickname, but that’s none of their business.

Where are you from and what is it like there?

The Middle of Nowhere, Kentucky, and it’s just what you imagine. Yes, I’m rolling my eyes. It’s a bad habit, my mother says.

What was it like growing up? What’s the happiest memory from your childhood?

Boring, if it wasn’t for my friend Lucy. Whenever she can get away from that crazy grandmother of hers, we run around together. Nothing bad, just goofing around. We used to play Barbies and tag in the front yard. Lucy’s hair is like a Barbie doll’s, long and blonde and perfect, even after an afternoon of tag and rolling around in the grass. Read more

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Author Interview: Cecily Wolfe

Today I am happy to introduce author Cecily Wolfe to my blog. (I also interviewed the character Claud from this book, which you can read here.)

starsTell us about your book(s). Is there one in particular you are promoting right now? What is it about?
“A Harvest of Stars” will be released on June 7 as an e-book on Amazon and Smashwords. It is the story of childhood friends Locklyn and Isaiah, who met on the school bus on the first day of kindergarten and have bonded over Isaiah’s patience with Locklyn’s defiance and tough persona, which is a cover for the abuse she suffers at the hand of her stepfather. As they near the end of high school, Isaiah realizes that his love for her, which is obvious to everyone except Lock, means that he can longer stand by and allow the consistent abuse to go on. Helping her, and helping her to help herself, means that both of them, along with Lock’s dying mother, may all be in danger.

How do you come up with the ideas for your writing?
I have vivid dreams, and have had them since childhood. I often have very disturbing nightmares, which may be why I lean towards writing darker stories with characters who either have emotional troubles or have to deal with characters who have such issues. I daydream a lot, as well. Oh, reading everything I can get my hands on helps as well. Sometimes a word looks particularly interesting to me for some reason I can’t figure at the time, and I write it down, and eventually it works its way into a character’s personality or a story. For instance, I saw the word “tithe” yesterday in some capacity, and wrote it down. Not sure why, but I think there is a short story coming from that direction.
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