Book Review: Glimmer As You Can

Glimmer As You Can by Danielle Martin


This interesting historical fiction takes place in 1962, revolving around 3 key characters, Madeline, Lisa, and Elaine.

Madeline owns a dress shop and turns it into a safe space social club for women at night called the Starlight. She also has secrets from a bad marriage. Lisa is a young stewardess who wants to settle down and get married. Elaine is an ex-pat in a volatile relationship.

All 3 women find friendship and support at the social club where we get to know a whole raft of interesting characters. But Madeline’s ex husband returns and creates trouble for the Starlight and puts the women at risk, upending their lives.

I enjoyed reading about the history of the time and experiencing life through the eyes of these women. Martin did a great job of portraying this time, how women were treated, and what their lives were like.

I did struggle a bit with the pacing of the book, especially in the middle. The tension certainly picked up in the second half as the story changed and the peril increased. However, the Starlight felt like a wonderful place I would like to visit myself.

Overall, I did enjoy this story of friendship and life of women in the 1960s.
Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the review copy.

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