Book Review: The Familiar Dark

The Familiar DarkThe Familiar Dark by Amy Engel

Set in the poorest part of the Missouri Ozarks, in a small town with big secrets, The Familiar Dark opens with a murder. Eve Taggert, desperate with grief over losing her daughter, takes it upon herself to find out the truth about what happened. Eve is no stranger to the dark side of life, having been raised by a hard-edged mother whose lessons Eve tried not to pass on to her own daughter. But Eve may need her mother’s cruel brand of strength if she’s going to face the reality about her daughter’s death and about her own true nature. Her quest for justice takes her from the seedy underbelly of town to the quiet woods and, most frighteningly, back to her mother’s trailer for a final lesson.
This is a hard and gritty thriller about a woman trying to find out who killed her daughter.
However, this book was not for me. I was curious enough to finish reading and appreciate that the book was interestingly told with some good writing — it is hard to put into words why I didn’t like the book.
There are a lot of cliches and a lot of darkness. I didn’t bond with the main character at all and got annoyed at times. Others love this book so this may simply be a case of nothing is for everyone.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a review copy of this book.
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