Author Interview: Martha J Allard

Today I am happy to introduce author Martha J Allard to my blog.

Black Light Front Cover small copyHello Martha. Tell us about your book? What is it about?

I’m happy to. Black Light is my first published novel. Here’s the blurb:

L.A. 1983

Trace Dellon knows exactly what he wants: the white heat of the spotlight. When his band Black Light is offered a record deal, Trace grabs for it. He will do anything to make it.

Bass player Asia Heyes knows what he wants, too. It’s not fame or the adoration of groupies. It’s Trace. It’s always been Trace. Though it’s been unspoken between them, Trace’s other lovers—his audience—push Asia aside.

With the record contract, Albrecht Christian comes into their lives. He has everything but what he needs to live: the energy that runs just under Trace’s skin.

When everything crashes with a bullet, they all learn the truth. Rock and roll, like magic, requires both love and sacrifice.

What genre do you write in?

I never think of genre when I’m writing. There is almost always magic in my stories, because I think there’s magic in everything around us. Black Light has over-tones of what I think of as contemporary fantasy, or modern fairy tale. I’ve also written space opera, where tech takes the place of actual magic.

Pants or plot?

I never start with a plotline. If I knew where the story ended up, I would never write it. The thing that carries me through to the end is that I want to know what’s going to happen. So in that respect, I guess I’m a pantser. I don’t mind the wandering because you never know what good thing your subconscious is hiding away. Once I’m underway, though, I do tend to plot what I have, because there’s only so much chaos that’s useful.

Tell us about your main character.

Trace is the lead singer of Black Light. Trace is magic. He’s the object of everyone’s desire. He’s the figure on the album cover that invades your dreams. He’s also consumed with his music, and caught in an unrequited love, for which he sacrifices everything.

What would you like readers to take away from your book?

Don’t stay silent. If you love someone, tell them. Come out of the closet, as loud as you can. And don’t ever think you’re the only one. You’re not alone.

Is there one passage that you feel gets to the heart of your book?

“Wanting Trace had been like standing at the edge of a cliff. Asia had always known the fall would kill him.”

What inspires your creative process?

Music. Most everything I write starts with music. I even make sound tracks for each character (I still call them mixed tapes). Black Light was most especially inspired by the music of the eighties.

What do you read? Who are your favorite authors?

I read a lot of contemporary fantasy, and also hard-boiled detective fiction. I’ve recently read Lost Angels, by my friends Loren Rhoads and Brian Thomas, which is a lovely story of an angel and a succubus, and Stepping Stones, a young adult novel by Kacey Vanderkarr. I recommend both highly. My list of favorite authors is too lengthy, so I’ll give you five: Ray Bradbury, Charles DeLint, Kathe Koja, John Connolly, and Angela Carter.

What new projects are you working on?

I am closing in on the end of a Neo-Victorian novel called The Night Was Not, which I’m really having fun with. There are airships and freak shows and even a made scientist! I’m also co-writing an novella that’s a space opera, as well as a few short stories.

Thank you so much the interview. I’m always so happy to talk about writing and books and such.

Thanks so much, Martha, for being here and for sharing your books with us.


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About Martha J Allard:

Martha J Allard is a writer of contemporary and dark fantasy. Her short fiction has appeared in magazines like “Talebones” and “Not One of Us.” Her story “Dust” won an honorable mention in “Year’s Best Science Fiction,” 19th edition, edited by Gardener Dozois and her story,”Phase” was nominate for a British Science Fiction Award. They are both collected in the echapbook “Dust and Other Stories.” You may also find a selection o her previously publish works on She was the editor of “Nice Tattoo, the Magazine of Shadow Fiction.” Her nonfiction has appeared in the anthologies “Lend the Eye a Terrible Aspect” and “Deaths Garden.” Her novel, “Black Light,” a tale of love, sacrifice and rock and roll in the 1980’s is out andd available now. You can find her on her blog,



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