Book Review: the Kids’ Guide to Writing Fiction

The Kids’ Guide to Writing Fiction

We are all storytellers. Whether weaving mythologies in ancient times or describing the plot of a favorite movie today, humans have, since the beginning of time, loved to tell stories. In THE KIDS’ GUIDE TO WRITING FICTION, students explore the building blocks needed to construct a story: characterization, setting, plot, perspective, imagery, and dialog. Then they will use these building blocks to create their own stories.

Recently I was lucky enough to interview Laurisa White Reyes (you can read that interview here).
This is a great book for kids or for teaching kids the basics of writing stories. Each chapter contains a lesson on a different part of writing, such as plot, imagery, setting, characterization,… And each lesson is laid out clearly and in language that a middle grade child will easily understand. There are clear examples throughout to illustrate the points being made, along with helpful exercises to bring the lessons into practice.
I really like this book — there is enough information so that it’s not fluffy, but not so much so as to be intimidating. It will be a useful reference for kids, teachers, and parents alike. I would recommend this book to kids looking to learn more about writing or who are wanting to take their writing to the next level.
Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author for review.
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