Betrayed is on Wattpad

I have decided to try something new. I have a novel-in-progress about Clytemnestra — in a previous incarnation it was called Fatal, but I have renamed it Betrayed. For those of you who don’t know, Wattpad is this great site where you can read and comment on people’s work for free. It’s social media for writing. There is everything from fan fiction to published authors.

I’ve just designed a quick cover for Betrayed — this is in no way final and the title might change as well.


Click here to find my Wattpad profile. And if anyone else is a member there, please let me know and we can connect there.

I am going to serialize Betrayed and (attempt) to post a chapter a week, every Friday, on Wattpad. I am hoping by committing to posting regularly and in a public way that I will give myself the push I need to get this novel finished! And I would love feedback. I have already posted the first chapter there.

Here is the synopsis I wrote for Betrayed, though I expect this to change too:

“There is a smell of murder. The walls drip with blood.” From Agamemnon by Aeschylus.

Queen Clytemnestra, the original femme fatale, rules the powerful ancient kingdom of Mycenae, kills her husband when he returns victorious from the Trojan War, and takes his cousin as his consort.

Enter her world, where men dominate, where family duty is paramount, and women do as they’re told. Clytemnestra, sister to the devastatingly beautiful Helen of Troy, is destined to marry a man of her father’s choosing and leave her home to be queen of a land she’s never set foot in. That is, until her childhood friend, Agamemnon, decides he wants her for his own.

Betrayal is a double edged sword — what drives the obedient, dutiful Clytemnestra to betray?


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