Author Interview: Felix Galvan

Today I am happy to introduce author Felix Galvan, aged 42, lives in Oregon, and who loves to be artsy-crafty and go crabbing.

necro bookFelix’s new book is called the NecroNomNomNomicon: Cookbook of the Dead:

The Harrison family is dragged into the bizarre world of the supernatural as they become the pawns of the Cookbook of the Dead in its bid to bring on its supernaturally flavored apocalypse. Boy, the family dog struggles to keep his family out of the Frying pan AND the fire as he defeats the Cookbook’s minions along the way.

Piers Anthony has this to say about The NecroNmNomNomicon: The cookbook of the Dead:

“…a rather original story centered on fantastic cooking – literally fantastic, literally cooking – merged with a boy and dog story. It’s pretty wild from the start, with the boy’s mother a superlatively bad cook getting into a televised cooking contest, and demonic figures being fended off by the dog. There is romance along the way, and plotting by evil figures, and of course that carnivorous sheep.. I think young readers will like it.” -Piers Anthony  

What genre do you write in? Tell us about your book.
Science Fiction and Urban Fantasy. I have The Cookbook done, and two more in that series, and two I’m working on now, one sci-fi (very excited about that one) and another urban fantasy about a teenage necromancer, who just wants to find love.

How did you come up with the idea for your current story?
I had a glimmer of an idea, then took it to a RPG gaming group to see how it would play out.

What inspires you to write?
I have a story that needs to be told, And an audience that needs to hear it.

What is your favourite scene in your book?
I think the final fight in The Cookbook of the Dead. Yeah, Pretty sure on that one.

Tell us about your main character? What makes him so special?
Boy, the protagonist, is a dog. Take the purity of thought of an animal, with the drive to protect his family… Then twist that by adding more and more intelligence and morality, and you get a character that is more than a dog who struggles with humanity

meinbowlerDo you have any advice for someone starting out as a writer?
Write every day, even if its just a little bit. don’t be afraid to take criticism.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
The ability to create objects at will.

What new projects are you working on or are excited about right now?
I’m working on a sci-fi project now that will make you redefine reality.

I have to ask you about getting a recommendation from Piers Anthony. That is so exciting!

It’s a bit of a story. I attended UCC (of the recent shooting) and a friend of mine named Zack (who is just as nerdy as I, perhaps more, and that’s a bold statement) opened up to me about his love of the Xanth series and the fact that Piers had taken some advice from him on the fact that Pluto had been demoted from planet status, and that would alter the formulas that Xanth and its peers calculated everything on. A bit later, he read my novel and said that he (Zack) liked it, at which point, I felt my dorkness rising, and so I leaped at the obvious opportunity, and asked him if he’d inquire with Piers about reading my novel (since he was on intimate terms with him, and could vouch for its content), and so he did, and then he did.
Piers has a surprisingly (to me, anyway) efficient layer of security around him. All of his correspondence is passed through a third person, which does, I suppose keep the riffraff (me) at bay.
When he originally accepted my manuscript, he said that he would read it as time allowed, and that I could expect to hear from him within a few weeks. However, I heard back from him almost immediately, with some opening comments, and had finished it in its entirety within a few days. I like to think that that was a good sign.
A few revisions later, I published it through Smashwords, which was an easy enough process, but I’m left feeling that it’s not going to get enough attention, not coming from a proper publishing house, and all.

Wow! That’s a great story.  Thank you, Felix, for being here today and for sharing your fun, interesting sounding book with us.

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You can connect with Felix on his Blog and on Goodreads.



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