Hell School: Fresh Meat Tour

Today I am happy to participate in a blog tour for the new young adult novel Hell School: Fresh Meat by Heidi Angell.

hell schoolAbout Hell School:

High school is hard, especially when you’re a freshman in a new town, surrounded by people you don’t understand and who don’t understand you.  Sam was overwhelmed just trying to fit in. Then she is singled out with the first letter.

While some girls envy the “romantics” of this unknown admirer, Sam can tell something isn’t right.  Sam wanted to just blend in, but someone’s eye is fixated on her.  As the letters and bad poetry continue, so does the nagging in Sam’s stomach telling her this is not normal.

When things escalate from strange to creepy, Sam’s world becomes a nightmare.  Twisted admiration is stalking her around every corner in the high school from hell….

Hell School: Fresh Meat is available for preorder on Amazon and Smashwords.

Now we get to learn a little more about one of the characters of Hell School, Clint Glover:
clintName: Clint Glover
Age: 16 years old
A little Bit About: Clint is smart and studious. He is a geek, and not ashamed of it. Although he plays football, it is mainly because of his brother Sam. He is very much in love with Sam, but respectful of her boundaries. Although he gets jealous of the attention she gets, and is very protective of her, he is the perfect gentleman.

Who I see playing Clint: Nicholas Hoult. Clint is cute, despite being a geek. He is sweet and charming, and the girl who ends up with him will be lucky. I think Mr. Hoult would do a great job of conveying that to an audience, whereas a lot of the guys who play geeks don’t really pull off that aspect.


About Heidi:heidi

Heidi Angell is a bibliophile, lexicomaniac and a wordsmith! She is the author of The Hunters Series, The Clear Angel Chronicles, and The Hell School Series. She also created Royal Prince Vince, and Creative Exercises to Inspire. When she is not reading and writing, she can be found spending quality time with her lovely family camping, hiking, swimming, or watching movies. Learn more about her and her books at HeidiAngell.com

Heidi Angell’s Social Media Links:

Facebook ~ Twitter @HeidiAngell  ~ Heidi’s Blog ~ Google + ~ Pinterest ~ Linkedin ~ YouTube

And here is the schedule for the rest of the tour (February 21st– March 31st):

February 21st– Heidi Angell’s Blog, tour announcement.

February 22nd Book review by Amanda Lim on MyBooksOpinion

February 23rd– Character Spotlight for Clint Glover on http://www.coreenamcburnie.com/blog

February 24th– Sample Chapter on figment-

February 26th Poetry on stalking on http://www.chantolaspinall.com/

February 27th Hell School: Fresh Meat Facebook Party

February 28th Ama Bemma interview.

February 29th Book review by Justin Schiavone on Jersey Guys Can Read

March 2nd Top 3 interview with Kai Strand on Strands of Thought

March 3rd Character Spotlight of Sam Havre and book review by Kala Hammer Reading Like A Fool

March 6th Guest post on Stalking with Mary Okeke

March 7th – 1st in a four part interview series with Nancy Christie, one on one

March 7th – Guest post on Stalking for Abiola Olatunde’s Biola-epesus

March 10th Wes Johnson Spotlight on Jo Michaels Blog

March 14th Nancy Christie second interview.

March 15th Character Spotlight for Mike Wells Reviews by Page Turners

March 16th Character Spotlight for Jill on I Heart Reading

March 18th Author interview on Jersey Guys Can Read.

March 21st– Nancy Christie part 3

March 22nd Book review by Shelea at That Bookshelf Bitch

March 23rd Book review on 5 Girls Book reviews

March 24th Author interview with Courtney Wendleton on Books and More

March 28th Last of Nancy Christie’s 4 part series.

There will be a live panel toward the end of March with several YA authors talking about writing. Stay tuned for more information.

For information on live events, check in often at Heidi Angell’s website.



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