Book Review: The Water Wolf by Thomas Sullivan

The Water WolfThe Water Wolf by Thomas Sullivan

Lane Anderson is a professional dispeller of myths and manipulation. But the next exposé will rekindle his own painful past. A cryptic pylon that lies beneath an ancient Peruvian fortress will lead him to Egypt, and then to Ireland, where a woman of more-than-mortal roots will guide him to a colossal subterranean world-and the soulless horror that killed his father and now is coming after him.


I read this book as a part of the Pandora Box Set collection. I was happy to come across this book, it was well written and intriguing. I loved the vast scope of Lane’s journey, his quest to find answers to figure out himself, his own past, and to find the pylon that will prove or disprove the myths his parents held dear.

There was a great juxtaposition between science and myth, belief and non belief, Lane and the young Irish woman. Sullivan used these ideas well to play with the horror genre and pull the reader into his epic story — one that spanned the globe and time. The story focused on a small town in Ireland and a few people there, but was able to extend to so much more. I appreciated how he made the story scary but not gory.

Sullivan is clearly a skilled writer with an amazing vocabulary. I always thought that my vocabulary was pretty good, but Sullivan used many words I’d never heard of before — I was happy to be reading on my ereader where I could easily look up words. I could see how this could be a barrier to people reading his books.

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