Author Interview: Joanna Kiel

Joanna is here to discuss her new children’s book, The Missing Laddoos, a book about the holiday of Diwali. Hello Joanna, welcome to my blog.

missing laddoosHow did you come up with the idea for your current story? I wanted to break out of my comfort zone. In fact, I urge every writer to push themselves to write something challenging that will be highly rewarding for their writing career. It was such a process for me. The idea was nothing new actually. It was a festive season and I began to see a pattern of how there are so many books about Christmas but not much about Diwali except for the folklore surrounding the history behind celebrating Diwali. All I wanted to write was the fun side of the main protagonist, Seema who initially takes the easy way out of doing things to really making her mum proud by celebrating it in a meaningful manner.

What’s the best part of being a writer? The best part of being a writer is to engage your readers to join you as you bring your fantasy world come to life, immersing your readers in the settings entirely and captivating them through the end of your last word of the book, leaving them craving for more.

Tell us about your main character? What makes her/him so special? Well, Seema aka the girl on the cover page of The Missing Laddoos is the main protagonist of this short children’s fiction. The fact that she has this enormous craze and weakness for laddoos makes her so relatable to kids or even adults with a sweet tooth. Guilty as charged, even I am one of them. She will do anything for laddoos, even compromising to work with her brother, Sharad to get them. Behind this is an underlying objective apparently. There is a bond of sibling love that all of us can relate with as well. That makes her special.

What would you like readers to take away from your book? To my young lil readers, I want you to know that festive seasons are not just simply about yourself, but also our neighbours and the needy families. Let us share and double the joy with them too and help them in times of need. This book is a fun read, not a preachy one for sure. Most crucially, close knit families can be an amazing sight during the holidays with the overflowing love they share amongst each other.

What’s the best advice you’ve received as a writer? The best advice is to keep writing if that is what you truly love to do, despite the lack of sales, multiple rejections and no authority. Sure, life can hit you in the back of your head with a brick, as Steve Jobs put it, but in the end, if you stick to it, you’ll rise from the ashes.

What new projects are you working on or are excited about right now? I’m actually quite excited about a novella which I had been planning for months. I can’t reveal many details but it is revolving around a rebellious 8-year old girl who gets stuck with a medical writer in Netherlands, after a catastrophic event in their lives. It is going to be a poignant tale and I hope it is exciting to my readers as much as it is to me while writing this project. Apart from this, I’m planning on some short stories too.

Thank you, Joanna, for sharing your ideas and insights with us.

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