Author Interview: Barbara G. Tarn

I am happy to have historical fantasy author Barbara G. Tarn on my blog today.

Loncon14082014What book are you promoting right now? My biggest project last year was a fantasy historical. I even set up a six-month pre-order button, to no avail! So even though it came out last November 1st, I’m still trying to spread the word about it. Here’s the blurb:
Rajveer the Vampire
A “sun clan” warrior can never become a true child of darkness.
Turned into a bloodsucker by an ancient Celtic vampire, Rajveer, a proud Rajput warrior of a Suryavanshi clan in 14th century India, becomes almost invulnerable.
Immortal, he loses his family to war and time and travels through northern India, seeing history unfold. Threatened by both human wars and evil vampires, can he remain true to his sworn vow not to take human lives?
A vampire’s journey through centuries.
In this new novel, Barbara G.Tarn combines her love for history (especially medieval) and fantasy. It’s the story of a vampire through the centuries that will appeal to both historical fiction readers and vampire lovers all over the world.

How did you come up with the idea for your current story? I have a Bollywood obsession and a love for India that probably comes from a previous life. And noticing many long canines on actors, I decided to create a Desi vampire… It took a few months of research about the history and reading a vampire encyclopedia to come up with my own vampire mythology, but I had great fun doing it!

Tell us about your main character? What makes her/him so special?
Rajveer is a warrior and a Hindu, so he must come to terms with his new thirst for blood. And the loss of his loved ones to time. He’s not as brooding as my favorite vampire (Louis de Pointe du Lac of Ann Rice’s fame), but he doesn’t have a happy existence once he becomes a child of darkness. And he doesn’t find love again in this book – but he might in the final book of the series!

What would you like readers to take away from your book? Some history, some fantasy and a journey through a couple of centuries… and there’s more to come!

How do you market your books? I write the next book. I’m sure Rajveer will find its readers when Kaylyn’s 01-188x300book comes out this year – or maybe the other novella that is parallel to Rajveer’s story that I still need to finish and send out to betas… About Kaylyn, Rajveer’s sister-in-darkness, there’s her “making” in the free anthology When the Lights Go Out. I still have to start writing her novel, that will cover history from 12th century Europe onward.
And the same goes with my other SFF series (Silvery Earth – adult unconventional fantasy – and Star Minds – science fantasy. For urban fantasy lovers I have Samantha the Witch, who appears in Rajveer’s story), I just write another book and move on.

What do you do when you’re not writing? I draw (either portraits with pencils or comics and strips, sometimes covers or illustrations for my books), I read and I watch movies on DVD – all kinds of movies, world films, Bollywood, Hollywood, etc. I also have a part-time day job (sigh. But it still pays the bills and indie publishing expenses).

Thanks so much Barbara for being on my blog today. Your book sounds great. As someone who writes about Greek mythology, I appreciate all of the research you must do.

About Barbara G. Tarn:

I’m a world creator and storyteller, and the one and only creative goddess of Silvery Earth, a magic world of sword&sorcery and adventure fantasy where anything can happen: winged beings, water people, shape-shifting dragons and elf-like people have to deal with Humans all too eager to destroy them out of fear, ignoring they’d lose the magic of their world as well.

You can find Barbara here:

Amazon  ~ Smashwords ~ Website ~ Blog ~ Goodreads ~ Facebook

You can buy Rajveer the Vampire here.




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