Author Interview: R.K. Gold

Hello R.K. I am thrilled to have you on my blog today.

2237d0_647d61b6915146379aa2801f97507228.jpg_srz_p_350_414_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzWhat book are you promoting right now? I am currently promoting my book Just Under the Sky. It is a magical realism text that follows two best friends through a mystical forest.

How did you come up with the idea for your current story? I’m not sure exactly how I came up with the idea behind my current projects. I take my dog for a walk and by the time I get home something just clicks. I think it is impossible to have writer’s block if you have a dog.

Tell us about your writing process. How do you fuel your writing? As I said before I like to take my dog for long walks. Other than that, I just established a daily routine. I treat writing like I would any other job, so even if I am not exactly feeling it on any given day, I force myself to at least put words on the page.

What’s the best part of being a writer? Being able to earn a living doing what I love. It makes life so much easier when my occupation doubles as what makes me happy. It also makes working late into the night very easy.

What do you read? What are your favourite books and who are your favourite authors? I am currently reading two books. Going Under by Silas Payton, which is a crime thriller, and Saving Capitalism by Robert Reich. I like to stay engaged in the indie community and see authors who are not getting enough recognition. But that doesn’t mean I am not a fan of mainstream literature. I definitely have a healthy collection of Young Adult fiction. I also enjoy John Grisham, Stephen King, Alan Moore, and Kurt Vonnegut. I just bought The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao so I am excited to give Junot Diaz a try.

Do you have any advice for someone starting out as a writer? Write every day, read every day, and if you have a question Google it! Just type the whole question into Google.

What do you do when you’re not writing? I read daily; I workout; I listen to a lot of music (every genre); I take my dog for walks; I am a huge Buffalo Sports fan; I go to the movies because there is just something about seeing a movie in the theatre; sometimes I try to learn a new language on Youtube; and I do play a little Xbox.

What new projects are you working on or are excited about right now? I have two projects coming out in 2016 with my publisher Weasel Press. The first is a novella called Brinwood, which is coming out in the Spring. It’s a violent novella about a man’s return to his hometown after it was taken over by a religious cult. The second book is titled God Hates You Too, and it’s about a man’s obsession with killing God.

Synopsis of Just Under the Sky:1907526_809548675801557_2744477800293039157_n

You are invited on a ride you’ll surely not forget. R.K. Gold brings us Just Under the Sky, a novella commenting on harsh political turmoil. Jasper and McMichaels work as journalists trying to cover up the looming food shortage happening in their village secluded in the mountains. One day, Jasper wakes up in the uncertain forest lingering by his home and from there has to find his way back through the ever changing landscape. Two friends trudge through this mystical place as they are forced to confront of the importance of their village.

Thanks R.K., I appreciate your being here and sharing your new book with us.

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Just Under the Sky is available on Amazon.

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